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Sarah Wildey-Richmond

Sarah Wildey-Richmond


Sarah Wildey-Richmond is the contrabassoonist of the Amarillo Symphony and has been for 8 years! Outside of the Symphony Sarah is the Adjunct Professor of Bassoon at Texas A&M University – Kingsville, the Instructor of Bassoon, Music History & Literature at the University if Texas at San Antonio, the Assistant Professor of Bassoon at Texas Lutheran University, and the Principal Bassoonist of San Antonio Harmonie. (WOW!)

Sarah has been playing the bassoon for 24 years and the contrabassoon for 20! “My favorite part of playing the bassoon is the ability to blend so well with other instruments”, says Sarah. “The bassoon just has a tone that melts so well into other instruments to help really fortify a group sound. My favorite part of contrabassoon: feeling the pitch! The contrabassoon is so low that I can feel the sound waves throughout my body – the music literally moves me”!
Outside of playing the bassoon, Sarah is dedicated to animal rescue. She has fostered almost 100 cats, dogs and guinea pigs! Sarah is a board member with Wayward Whiskers Foundations and volunteers for Footbridge Foundation. She fosters through multiple organizations in the San Antonio area. She also volunteers with the River Aid San Antonio and The San Antonio River Authority, which seek to clean up San Antonio’s river ways! Aside from her volunteer work she also enjoys cooking, baking, knitting and crocheting!

We are so thankful to have such a wonderful person and talented bassoonist in our Symphony!

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