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The Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts is accessible to individuals with disabilities in several locations:

  • Either main entrance, on the North and South sides of the building
  • A drop-off area is also on the South side of the building (between the hall and the Embassy Suites).
  • Automated doors are located on either side of the building.

Accessible Seating
Wheelchair accessible seating is available on the first level of the performance hall, orchestra left and right. For more information, and to purchase these seats, please call 806.376.8782.

Wheelchair accessible seating is reserved for the exclusive use of individuals with disabilities who require the features of this type of seating. The purchase or use of these accessible seating locations by non-disabled individuals is strictly prohibited.

Public Elevator Access: adjacent to the North entrance, there is an accessible elevator going from the entrance level (1st) and the mezzanine level (2nd) to the balcony level (3rd) of the Globe-News Center.

General Information
If you have further questions, please call 806.376.8782 or, for more information, visit the Amarillo Civic Center website.

Seating Chart

Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts

Seating Chart

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Late Seating Policy

Amarillo Symphony concerts begin promptly at the announced starting time. In deference to the comfort and listening pleasure of the audience in the hall, latecomers will be seated only when appropriate breaks in the program allow. Patrons who leave the hall before or during a work will not be reseated until after the completion of the work.

In fairness to the performers and fellow concertgoers, we ask that you remain in your seat until the concert has concluded.

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