Our Donors

*Beethoven Society Charter Members

Diamond Baton $25,000 and above

Amarillo National Bank
Amarillo Symphony Guild*
AnnaBelle Kritser II Foundation
Osman and Francine Dana
Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Dana
Happy State Bank
The Mays Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrece A. Oeschger *
David D. and Nona S. Payne Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Smith
The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation
The Weatherly Charitable Lead Trust

Platinum Baton $15,000 to $24,999

Brumley Foundation
Dr. Kent Roberts and Ilene Roberts Balliett Foundation
Tecovas Foundation
West Family Fund

Gold Baton $10,000 to $14,999

Amarillo Building, LLC
Amarillo Convention and Visitors Bureau
Mrs. E. H. Brainard, II
Adair and Dale Buckner
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Covey
Josephine Anderson Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Street*
Texas Commission on the Arts
Drs. Lisa and Neil Veggeberg

Silver Baton $5,000 to $9,999

Mrs. Mary Kay Dammier
Mike and Dalia Engler
Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Esler
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gilliland*
Cari and Mike Good
High Plains Christian Ministries Foundation
Johnson & Sheldon, PLLC
David and Ellen Jones
Street Auto Group
Texas Women for the Arts
Anthony Villena
Karen and John Walker
Dr. Michael Westmoreland and Dr. Loralu Raburn*

Bronze Baton $2,500 to $4,999

Atmos Energy
Marlies Ballengee*
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Barker
Jeff and Linda Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bowen
Brown, Graham & Company, P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Arturo Carrillo*
Janette and Terry Caviness
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Countiss
Education Credit Union
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gerald*
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hatton
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Hickman
Dr. and Mrs. Douglass Hyde
Bob and Nancy Josserand
Jessica and Chuck Mallard
Dr. and Mrs. Richard McKay
Ken and Bonnie McMillan
Kimberly Dryden and Don Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. Don Patterson
Adolf O. Schmidt
Dr. Kent Sorajja
Dr. Victoria J. Thompson
Lorie and Alan VanOngevalle
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Vermillion
Mark and Terry White
Barbara and Jim Whitton

Beethoven $1,250 to $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Masoud AlZeerah
Axigent Technologies Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bara
Liz Bentley
Drs. Peter and Gayle Bickers*
L. Louise Box
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brenner
M.K. Brown Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bruckner
C.C. Burgess*
Dr. and Mrs. Turner M. Caldwell, III
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Campbell
Gay Chalfant
Sandra M. Childers
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Clopton
Martha Collaer
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Copheranham
Mr. and Mrs. Robbin Dawson
Heather Duba
Eleanor Glazener
Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Glenn
Joann and Charlie Graham
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Hallerberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hodge
Joe and Joan Horn
Sidney and Cory Joiner
V.J. Jordan
Zaffrin Jordan
J.B. Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Long
Wales Madden, Jr.
La Rita Mason
Dwayne McMinn
Don Moss
Lise Kim Opitz
Joi Oppliger
Panhandle Tickets
Dr. and Mrs. Harve D. Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pelfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pickens
Ruth Bryant Quackenbush*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Rando
Kerry and Kathy Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneider
Dr. and Mrs. Abdul S. Thannoun
Bob and Diane Thorpe
LaDonna Tunnell
Mr. Robert Carr Vincent
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Woodburn
Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Wootten

Sustainer $500 to $1,249

Amarillo Child and Family Counseling
Dr. Jose Arias
Jacomo Bairos
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker
Cheryl Beckley
Tina Brandon
Dr. and Mrs. Neil Bryson
Cori and Dan Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Carrizo
Ann Clary
Arden Colette
Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett
Robert Crabtree
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Durrett
Ms. Mary Emeny
Edward and Shirley Fancher
Shannon and Jason Herrick
Kim and John Huot
Mr. Philip Kielpinski
Mr. and Mrs. John Kritser
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Moore
Law Offices of Nelson & Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Lovelady
Luther King Capital Management LLC
Maynard Foundation
Paula and Gary Moore
Ken and Dana Neeley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Neely
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pool*
Mrs. Clara Ratliff
Ms. Charlotte Reese
Phoebe Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rohane
Lisa Tyson Sandefer
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Steele
United Supermarkets
Beth Watson
Drs. Lisa and Jacob Yang

Patron $200 to $499

Paul Ackerman
Dr. and Mrs. David Beggs
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Berg
Drs. Stuart and Joy Berry
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bidwell
Mark Blevins
L. Louise Box
Dr. John Bridwell
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bryant
Center City of Amarillo, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Clifton
Drs. Kirk and Madeline Coury
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Cowart
Jackson Q. Crum
Diana Davis
Henry Davis
Pattilou Dawkins
Kelly and Angie Delgado-Goudschaal
Anne Fields
Jimmie Lee Foster
Drs. Christine and Matt Garner
Linda Gilbert
Rebecca Gladney
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Gold
Linda and Kevin Hare
Duane Harp
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hoard
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Holcomb
Jim and Frances Hutson
William R. Ivey
Jo and Richard Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Janhsen
Carolyn and Jerry Jansa
Dr. Mitchell Jones
Van Josselet
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Karr
Robert and Michele Kauffman
Jennie and Nick Knapp
Caroline Kneese
Rev. and Mrs. Roy Kornegay
Mary Jane and David Laing
LyNell and Darrell LaRue
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Matney
Mr. & Mrs. William A. McCarty
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCavit
Mr. and Mrs. James McDivitt
Janet Meller and Joel Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. John Mentler
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. George Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Morris
Ed and Tavia Morris
Mr. and Mrs. David Mullin
Kenny and Sheila Munsell
Diane Neal
Barbara and Scott Nefstead
Phyllis Nickum
Barbara and John Noah
Mrs. Leslie O’Loughlin
Donna and David Palermo
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Park
Anne and Mark Pearson
Kay and Harold Peetoom
Janie and J. Robert Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Pharis
Drs. Carlos and Ivette Plata
Bill Popham
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Pruitt
Dr. Lajohn Quigley
Louise and Gene Rahll
Jane Roberts
Dale Roller
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Schultz
Sen. and Mrs. Kel Seliger
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sherrod
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sicola
Mr. and Mrs. John Skaggs
Cecil Skipper
Alice Snook
Judith SoRelle
Gloria Spidel
Ann Sturdivant
Susan Teichmann
Dr. and Mrs. Hagos Tekeste
Mrs. Irene Trotter
Steve and Joan Urban
Mr. J.V. Vinyard
Mr. C. Richard Wagner, III
Mrs. Bob Wilcoxson
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Willis
Shelley and Victor Wisner
Norman Wright

Supporter – $100 to $199

Mr. and Mrs. John Abbott
Nancy Abdullah
Kathy and James Adams
Kathy Allison
Kathryn and Jerral Allred
Melinda Anderson
Laurel Ayers
Ron and Stephanie Bankhead
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bivins
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bivins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Boothe
Ms. Katherine Brack
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brain
Mrs. Patty Buckley
Susan and Michael Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Campsey
Norma Carroll
Jean Carter
Brent and Kay Lynn Caviness
Karen Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Tark Cook
Cheryle and William Cooper
Alice J. Cox
Alan and Joy Cox
Cindy and Al Cunningham
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Curtis
Melva Davis
Diane Dyess
Paul F. Engler
Judith B. Evans
David Fairbanks and Lynne Burton
Ms. Connie Fandrich
Jane and George Farris
Mr. Neil Feichtner
Dick Ford
Richard H. Franklin
Dixie Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Groman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hays
Ann Hicks
Jean Irwin
Donald Jackson
Terry Jones
Betty Keith
Nan and David Kemp
Lanell Kendrick
Patsy Kiser
Mrs. Marjorie Kromer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Kutin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McElreath
Lou and Tom McGee
Melinda and Daniel McIlroy
Lesley Metz
Verna Millard
Carol Miller
Linda and John Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mitchell
Susan Burnette and Mark Morey
Nancy and Dan Novak
Michelle and David Palmer
Plug Piehl
Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Plank
Caleb Pool
Martha Quinlin
Karen and Gary Renner
Phillas Rich
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Richey
Charles W. Rimmer
Dr. and Mrs. Pablo Rodriguez
Constantine and Celeste Saadeh
Evelyn and Alan Sbar
Cindy and Clint Seward
Joan Sittel
Herbert and Lynn Smith
Richard and Janice Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. James Stoll
Dr. and Mrs. William Summerhill
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Taylor
Jodi and Kelly Teal
Mrs. James F. Thompson
Sheri and David Tyson
Marilyn Van Petten
Patsy Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Walls
Elijah West
Wanda West
Karon Williams
Shane Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Wing
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Zambrano
Paul E. Zorsky and Sharon Stones

Friends of the Symphony – $50 to $99

Bob and Chris Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Balliett
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman C. Bass
Kenneth and D’Ann Berry
Tanya and Spencer Berry
Dr. Keith Bjork
Dr. Suzanne S. Brent
Tim Burkhalter
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Campbell
Judy Carter
Cathy Coberly
Dr. Bryan and Karen Collins
Loralee Cooley (Storyspinning)
Craig Senior Living Center
Ana and Miguel Davalos
Sheryl and Pat Davis
Tamara and Travis Dooley
Mary Duke
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. John Ellzey
Jeanette Embrey
John Emerson
Katy Engler
Lilia Escajeda
Jane and Ray Max Faulkner
Mary Lou Ferro
Marie and Timothy Fowler
Gloria Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Garner
Levert and Teresa Gillman
Joan and Dicky Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Josef C. Grotegut
Nancy Grundy
Charley and Jan Hargrave
Rebecca and Wiley J Harp
Sam and Mary Harrell
Damon Herbert
Zoie and Thomas Hill
Vicki and Herbert Hogue
Jerry and Alonzo Jones
Mrs. Jean Jones
Amy and Bob Juba
Douglas Kile
Lisa and Jeff Kimbrell
Londa and John Kletchka
Peggy and Gerald Knapp
Amy and Aaron Ladd
Beth Lauterbach
Nancy and Delvan Leimer
Pamela and Dan Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Kellie Luetkahans
Dennis Markgraf
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Marsh IV
Mr. and Mrs. David McCahan III
Mr. & Mrs. Steve McCarthy
Sue and Ken McCarty
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Murray
April Myers
Lori and Jay Naylor
George and Mary Jean Nies
Dr. Neal Nossaman and Mr. Greg Welch
Judy and Merril Nunn
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Packard
Sheila and Fred Pankratz
Rebecca and Randy Parker
Tiffany Pearson
V.J. and Marilyn Perrin
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Pillon
Perry Pletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quackenbush
Nancy Lee and George R. Rath
Tibby and Terrie Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sadler
Mrs. Ervin C. Bergen
Kriss and Phillip Schmidt
Priscilla Sheets and Steven Evett
Glennda and Bob Slagle
Margaret and Jim Smith
Larry and Debby Stalcup
Judy and Kurt Stallwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Swindell
Tyler Teters
Textron Matching Gift Program
Barbara and Bill Threlfall
Deborah and Leland Tillman
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tolk
Frances Tooley
LaWana Travis
Jan and Clyde Trusty
Amy Umlah
Minnie Venable
Judy and Rick Walders
Barbara Walker
Jeannette Wedding
Dr. Cody and Mrs. Lezly Welch
David and Suzanne Wheeler
Val and Pat White
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney White
Hon. and Mrs. Douglas Woodburn
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wright

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